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Happy Birthday, FRANK!!!


P.S. No, I'm not dead. The charger on my phone is broken :0/ I'm gonna try to get to Sprint at some point this week.

The new addition

Good lord. Bunny hunting is WAY more complicated than I thought it'd be. Damn me and my picky-ness. I had decided that I wanted another boy and I was good with anything but white fur (Cami's white fur, even with it's splotched brown patches, was a MESS when he shed.)

So I dragged Tony/Yolanda/Garic to 6 pet stores Tuesday night and didn't find anything but was told that Pet Stop would be getting more lops in the next day. They didn't get them in until Friday and I almost caved when we went to look at them. There was an adorable little silver girl that I almost got. We checked out a different pet store that night and ran into the same problem - another little silver girl. I had almost caved on each of them but, luckily, the family convinced me to wait for the right one. It was tough, but I walked away, especially when the people at Pet Stop told me that there would be some Holland lops coming in Sunday.

Mom was taking me back to my apt Sunday and then we were heading up north for Berto's birthday, anyway, so we built in some time to drop by the store. We went in and had apparently managed to get there JUST after the breeder dropped off the buns (he's actually the one who came over and talked to us about them.) There were three that I was good with and, if any of them were male, I was taking them home.

Out of the three, one was a boy and he's the one you see pictured below. His sisters were another grey and an all-over brown, but I'm actually really happy with him. I love his grey patches. He's right at 8 weeks - just weaned recently. Just about as young as I can get him. He's curious and active.. and his little ears bounce when he hops around.

Here's one picture, more beneath the cut:

I am not responsible for cute overloadCollapse )

So now only comes the challenge of a name. Any ideas? Thus far the possibilities are:

Syne ("zign" - as in "Auld Lang" since it's New Years)
Wicket (because, darn it, he looks like a freaking Ewok.)

I tend to avoid the typical rabbit names (anything from Beatrix Potter is out) and not generally a fan of cutesy names. The two bunnies I had/have are named Cami and Rin, if that gives any idea.

Hooray for


Obligatory year-changing post...

So, yeah, another year has begun.

Though there have been a few benefits to 2008 (moving into my own apartment and finding myself becoming a more social bunny than I have EVER been, getting my Silver Hammer, etc.) I can't say I'm that horribly sorry to see it go. Between some serious drAma that apparently started brewing first thing last year, losing Cami, car problems scattered through the year, watching my parents freak out over the economic collapse, firmly closing the door on a few interests, and finding myself really floundering for the first time in a few areas I'd never faltered in before, I'm actually a little surprised to find that I'm still headed to shore. That I didn't get turned around or find myself treading water for more than a few minutes at a time.

Not that I wouldn't have liked most of that to NOT have happened. I'd prefer to still have my bun, have people take responsibility for themselves, not have some people hate me for nothing, have my car up and running, etc. (I'm sure you get the drift.)

But I'll be okay.

On the plus side, I've had friends have generally a great year. Even with major pitfalls and things dotting their respective life maps, all the tragedy or setback has seemed to REALLY have done is point them in a new and better direction that they never would have seen otherwise. I'm thrilled to have so many friends on the upswing in their lives where things are going so fantastically for them. If I had to have the low year this year to balance it out, then so be it, really. My year'll be another one. Maybe this one.

Plus, there are some great things planned for 2009. Moving in with Mirabel provides a whole realm of good things, really. I'm still on the hunt for another rabbit and hope to be procuring a little boy in the next few days. Traveling to my first foreign SCA war with Gulf Wars will be a blast. There are also a few other things in the works that I can't talk about yet that should be the spice to the year.

So, welcome 2009. Please be a good one, a few of us need the boost :0)

More as Life Happens,


So I'm a little behind on this bit of news, but I find it amusingly pathetic enough to dredge up from the week-old archives of most news sites.

A tribute to the truly pathetic

And, yes, I realize I'm only perpetuating the popularity of the stupid by putting it here, I'm hoping, though, that the disdain will overwhelm the stupid.

Seriously? Are we REALLY that concerned that Obama used a Zune at the gym instead of an Ipod? Really? There is NOTHING more important going on in the world that we can work up our over-zealous moral rage over? Absolutely nothing? Is it so important that the White House press team has to cook up some kind of cover story for it not being "his" Zune, that it might have belonged to anyone else that he borrowed it from?

Do I need to start posting examples of the 6 trillion more important issues that you all could productively use that extra energy on? Do any of the other people on this list want to?

More to the point - people are seriously changing their opinions on Obama because he might use a Zune instead of an Ipod based solely on the fact that he said something about him listening to an Ipod*? Really? We're not celebrating the fact that he's getting his team together, rolling up his sleeves and actually getting things done? We're pissed off because he might choose a different brand of player?

I'm gonna go out on a limb here:

Zune, Ipod, Iriver, Zen, Jukebox -- who the hell cares?

More as Life Happens,

* Nevermind that "Ipod" has become a brand name that stands for the whole generation of players -- like what "Coke" is to pop, "Levis" for jeans, and "Crayola" for crayons. I might say "I'm going to go get a Coke" and bust out an RC. Good lord, the world is at an end!!

Goodbye to a Fantastic Rabbit

I was gone most of the weekend. When I returned home Sunday night, I went in to go talk to the bunnies and found that Cami had passed on at some point while I was gone. Rin was cuddled up next to him, keeping him warm and poking at him occasionally because he wasn't moving.

He had been sick a few weeks ago, but had seemed to recover. Apparently, though, it was time for my cranky old man to make his way to the great alfalfa fields in the sky - where York Peppermint Patties don't make him sick and he can sneak all the Peanut Butter Oreos he wants.

For those of you who have been around this long (and even those who haven't) you might remember Cami when he first came into the apartment, a tiny fluff ball who couldn't get any traction on the linoleum and who was smaller than my old Nokia cell phone.

He traveled back and forth from Decatur with me until I graduated, then moved into my parents house, and eventually the apartment.

For anyone who's never spent time with a rabbit, they do have distinct personalities. I've lost fish and things before, but this was different, it didn't matter that he wasn't a larger pet like a cat or dog.

Cami was curious and friendly. He was almost always happiest when sitting on a pillow and being petted, especially if there were cookies involved. He loved shredding paper and playing chasing games with his humans. If he didn't think there had been enough petting done, he wasn't above shoving his nose under your hand with a significant amount of force or licking you until you petted him some more. He was incredibly patient with small children -- letting kids poke and prod (or even crawl over) him in an attempt to pet and play with the bunny.

He also loved listening to guitars play... I started learning guitar just after I got him, so he heard it a lot when he was a baby. Whenever I was alone with him (and later both rabbits) playing and singing, he would come up and sit right next to the guitar to listen as long as I was playing.

He also played games with Dad when he was younger. He would jump into Dad's chair as soon as he got up to do something, and would refuse to move when Dad got back until he had been petted. As soon as Dad got up again, he would do the same thing. Over and Over. Such is the way of a bunny game.

I'll miss my Cami. He was a good pet and a good rabbit. It's just always hard to say goodbye.

One picture, here, more under the cut.

CamiCollapse )


Don't make me beat someone up...

Have you ever wanted to say something to someone but knew that you shouldn't because the last few things you've said have just blown up in your face? Especially because you're supposed to be maintaining radio silence with that individual anyway but facebook messaging is just too damned convenient?

Yeah, I'm there.

(I suddenly feel like I should be standing on a giant out-of-place red circle. Hooray, commercialism!!)

So, I'll try to assuage the temptation by putting it here. It's passive-aggressive, I know, but I can't help feeling that direct contact will just be worse. Because I know it's some kind of honor thing that you telling yourself is romantic. Maybe it's just from the outside (when you know most of the story) that it feels like penance. And it shouldn't be penance.

And - well - just don't get hurt. :0/

More as my noticeably-more-angsty life happens,

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Jul. 3rd, 2008

So, I suppose, that I'm supposed to be learning something of my own from all of this, right?

Why is it that I can always see everyone's lessons but my own?


The time has come

I didn't know when I'd go about this, I certainly felt when I started this journal that I would never reach this point in my life, especially as I'm not a teacher. However, after consideration, I think the time has come to make this journal primarily friends-only. I will occasionally post publicly, but the majority of the posts with a point will be hidden.

So, what does this mean for you? If you're already on my friends list, nothing. I imagine this applies to the lion's share of you. I'm certainly not vain enough to believe this announcement will cause an influx of "friending" me the likes of which have not been seen since Noah and his boat. In fact, I'll be surprised if there are any at all. However, if there are a few lurkers out there who don't want to be cut off from the riveting* content of this journal, please feel free to friend me if I know you already, or post a note on here if I don't know you, but you'd like me to.

That's it. No giant "FRIENDS ONLY. KEEP OUT IF YOU'RE NOT IN OUR CLUB" graphic, just a note explaining. If you feel like you're missing out without a graphic, let me know and I'll try to whip something up for your personal enjoyment.

More as Life Happens,

*The description "riveting" is in no way a guarantee of the amusement level of the content within. It has its moments, I'm sure, but mostly it's fairly mundane. Consider yourself warned.

Bunny Troubles

So, as some of you know, I have a new bunny in my life. After much poking by Mirabel and Bri, I went and got her Friday night. Since then, the new bunny and I have had a honeymoon period. She’s been a sweet little thing and I think, after several great suggestions, I decided to stick with the name Rin. (And, yes, if you immediately thought of the character in InuYasha you’re right on.)

Thus far, I’ve kept the Cami and Rin apart, letting them run in the same areas- but separately so they smell each other but don’t actually see each other – and have been doing other various things to try to integrate their smells.

Last night, I decided that I would take the first step to putting them together. Somewhat following the suggestions of the House Rabbit Society, I brought them together and, with Cami sitting on the couch, I let Rin run. He watched her for a while, but when I forced him down onto the floor with her, the fireworks started to happen.

Generally, and ideal first meeting would go a little like this*:

The dominant one, let’s call her ‘Rin’ says, "I'm the biggest baddest bun in the universe."
The most beta male you’ll ever see, let’s name him ‘Cami’ replies, "Yes o great one, and I am but a speck of dust in the cosmic eye."
Rin: "Well, as long as we're clear on that."
"Absolutely. Unquestionably. Crystal clear," whispers Cami.
Although there's been a lot of commotion and some fur flying, these two share a common view of their respective positions in the Great Scheme of Things.

Our first meeting went:
Cami – “I’m being petted, I’m happy. Wait. What the hell. What’s that black thing that’s vaguely bunny-like and has that smell you’ve been forcing on me all week? What’s going on?”
Rin: WHEEEEEE. Look! I can run really fast!
Cami: Holy crap she’s fast…… and she’s under the piano, that’s MY spot. THAT’S why I smelled her there!
Rin: Try to catch me, human! Nope, you can’t ‘cause I’m really fast! --- Wait. Hold on. What’s that brown and white bunny-shaped thing on the couch?”
Cami: What the hell, human?
Rin: Yeah, what the hell?
::Cami gets put on the ground, Rin comes over to investigate::
Cami (showing more interest than he ever has in another rabbit): You smell like the stuff she’s been putting in my cage!
Rin: Hey – you’re taking my new human. And you smell funny. ::Rin Lunges::
Cami: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rin: Hey, come back here!!!
Me: Alright kids. ::separates bunnies::

A little later…
Cami (lounging under the piano): My spot. MY spot. Stupid black rabbit. When she comes back over here, I’ll show her who’s boss. Taking MY spot.
Rin (coming over): It’s you again.
Rin: Wait, hold on! I’m the biggest baddest bun in the universe!
Rin: Where are you going?! Aren’t you going to tell me ‘Yes o great one, and I am but a speck of dust in the cosmic eye?’ That’s what’s in the script!”
Rin: Well, if you’re not going to follow the script, neither am I. ::lunges again, this time getting some brown and white fur in the deal::


Later I did snuggle them up on the couch together. Cami only relaxing once he had re-established his irrefutable hold on his pillow (if you’ve seen him –the ultimate relaxed beta bunny - defend his pillow from would-be usurpers –including other people’s rabbits, small children, and well meaning people who just want to puff it up and clean it a little – you’ll understand the power it has for him.) It’s going to be some work, but the fact that they can share a relatively small 1.5’x1.5’ space without Rin feeling the need to chew on him is a fairly good sign. We’ll try another dating session tonight and see how it goes.

However, the adverse effects of Rin realizing that she’s obviously the more aggressive/dominant biological bun seems to be that the honeymoon period is over and now she feels that she needs to also fight the dominance battle with me. The only difference is that I’ve fought this battle before – with Cami – and I know how it’s played. My hardest fought battle for dominance (one that’s ongoing, even for Cami) is with the cage itself.

So this morning, I’m switching their towels so they have to live with each other’s smells, and Rin decides that she doesn’t like me messing around in her cage. Here’s how this one went down.

Rin: What do you think you’re doing?
Me: Moving around these towels and then I’m going to feed you.
Rin: I’m the biggest baddest bun in the universe and I say you’re going to leave my towel right there!
Me: Excuse me?
Rin: I said, I’m the biggest baddest bun in the universe! Bow to me!
Me: I don’t think so. I believe you’re mistaken. See, I’m the biggest baddest bun in the universe.
Rin: No, I am!! You don’t even look like a bun!
Me: Rin, I assure you that, as far as you’re concerned, I am.
Rin: I don’t think so! Take this!

At which point she tried the bun equivalent of kung fu on me and I proceeded to instruct her how bad a move that was. Then, we proceeded to testing and re-confirming our new dominance relationship by me putting her breakfast in the paper bag into the cage and then pulling out the leaves of lettuce one at a time, handling them, and then giving them to her. She didn’t like it much and I believe it’s going to be a hard-fought road, but we’ll keep trying.

Ah, the joy of bunnies.

More as the insanity happens,

*First meeting text borrowed and slightly altered from Here.